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Ferrari Portofino Custom Wheels
Boutique Supercar Tuner LOMA Turns Ferrari Portofino Into 740 HP Beauty
If you love Supercars, you can not resists by checking out the brand new LOMA Ferrari Portofino LP740 2.0.As soon as you picture tuner-modified supercars, the images which come in mind aren`t usually very attractive or tasteful. Tuner cars are normaly far away from tasty and you know what we mean if you check out some images on the net from their latest creations. Checking out most of this so called tuner-modified supercars you recognize quickly, that attractive or tasty is something different. LOMA Ferrari Performance Wheels, located within Monaco (naturally), has seemingly done the impossible: it`s improved the Ferrari Portofino. LOMA Wheels in fact it is based in Monaco (needless to say) did the impossible: they improved optics, aerodynamics along with the performance from the Ferrari Portofino. LOMA based in Monaco (naturally), ferrari 3 piece wheels know what Billionaires like and what not and so they did the impossible: it´s improved the Ferrari Portofino. It is important to look carefully to not ever mistaken the automobile is stock, that is certainly how carefull but yet distinctive they refinded their concept of Ferrari Tuning. LOMA have a sort of customer that many others are dreaming of while trying with some crazy stuff to gain attention, that´s not LOMA´s phylosophy. LOMA has actually been making custom wheels for nearly a decade, and recently expanded its operations into body kits and beyond. Don´t change the soul of the Ferrari Portofino and set accentns for the existing car styling and feature a more aggeressive and dramatic look.The front bumper and apron are substituted with new pieces which feature more pronounced intakes with carbon fibre trim. LOMA didn´t stop on the side and designed some flawless looking side skirts that are flowing into a rear diffuser where you think right from the spot, looks like fromt he factory. A lower suspension and custom 21-inch LOMA wheels boost the muscular, yet lithe look. Despite that the brand new performance rims are one inch bigger then from the factory, they weigh an amazing 20 percent less.Ferrari Performance lovers get a big smile on their face when they hear about the ECU Software (Chiptuning) and the new sport exhaust with sportcats that unveiles the performance to a 0-60 time of just 3.1 seconds. Of course, if you´re happy with your stock performance, LOMA offers the Ferrari Body Kit as a seperate option which is incredible enough as the parts can be reversed to stock at anytime. The concept behind the LOMA LP-740 2.0 ended up being to bring more sportiness plus much more positive aggressiveness into the design without ever being over the top. The Portofino is actually an amazing looking car, but lacks the neccessary does of testosterone just as it was with the Ferrari California. LOMA is known to have the fine hand to draw lines that creates that Testo-Look with bigger openings and a refined design. While LOMA made a name in Racing with Ferrari, all this knowledge flows into the Body Kit. Design follows function while getting the right dose of sexiness for the new Ferrari Portofino.With respect to Ferrari, LOMA´s idea is to keep the mounting points and create a product that is simply exchanged to the serial part. That is more then unique in the tuning industry. They deliberately included some stock parts such as the large front grille in the design. Therefore you get this noble but yet special touch that the LP-740 2.0 unmistakably radiates. A bautiful carbon front lip accentuates perfectly and provides the Portofino significantly more agility on the front axle, especially at high-speed. Once you hit the rear you will hit from that beautiful diffuser that is integrated in the rear part of the car. LOMA lifted here just the lower face of the rear bumper. Another integration of LOMA´s Ferrari Body Kit and the parts from the factory to reduce airflow and stabilize the car while creating a WOW look all over the place. The rear exhaust pipes and the reflectors remain unchanged. The Portofino looks now like most other Ferrari´s - mean and aggressive..At high-speed, stability and performance are now on another level. The diffuser has also been pulled further in to the sides to give the air flow even less resistance. Incredible enough that all is mounted with the stock hardware - how LOMA did this? High-End skills from Monaco we guess.. The Ferrari looks now like forged in one piece.
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