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Choosing Fabric For Tailor Made Suits
With a new year comes yet more events to fill the calendar. To ensure you look and feel your absolute best during social outings, you should consider investing in a beautiful new tailor makloon jahit bandung made suit. With a wealth of experience producing high quality tailor made suits, one established tailor has a passion for high quality tailoring and is confident that they can produce the ideal corporate or casual suit wear. Perhaps the most important aspect to consider when looking for your new suit is which fabric to choose. Allow these experts to guide you through the various suit fabrics available on the market and the benefits and disadvantages of each.
As with anything, your budget will have a major impact on the finished result when it comes to investing in a tailor made suit. Different fabrics are available at entirely different prices with synthetic materials at the bottom of the price scale whilst the highest quality wools will obviously cost a great deal more.
Fabric Grading
Materials are distinguished by their grading with higher quality materials having higher numbers, generally 120+. The higher graded the fabric, the finer the material`s fibres. For a tight weave more material is required, hence higher quality fabrics are more expensive.
Fabrics that are commonly used in the tailoring of suits include:
Worsted wool is widely considered the finest suit material around. The wool is spun tightly to give it a strong and smoother feel. This durable material wears well and is generally ideal for wear all year round. Wool suit fabric is available in light or heavy depending on the weave but it is generally considered mid-weight.
Cotton is one of the most commonly used fabrics for makloon jahit bandung suit tailoring. As a fabric it generally provides ventilation and makloon jahit bandung thus it `breathes` well - making it ideal for summer wear. However, it is known to crease easily.
Polyester is a synthetic material that should be avoided as a choice of suit fabric. The material traps body heat, making it very uncomfortable to wear after just a short time.
Similar to polyester, Microfibers are a synthetic material that provides an affordable solution. Whilst it provides more ventilation due to its fine fibres, the material tends to be of a lower quality.
This material is most definitely one to avoid. Linen can become creased quickly and easily whilst it also stains. The fabric doesn`t wear well.
If you have any questions with regards to which fabrics are most suitable for use when making tailor made suits, don`t hesitate to visit a professional tailor today.
Written by Sally Powell on behalf of Redwood and Feller, makers of stunning tailor made suits.
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